That was an extremely unusual Easter all around, I think. A time when many people, regardless of belief, like to get together with family but this year couldn’t. We’ve barely left the house since the lockdown started, with much of our shopping being done by my brother-in-law and a very kind neighbour who works in Morrisons. As such, there was not a vast quantity of chocolate eggs floating around the house this year, but since commercial Easter eggs are typically a lot of packaging and not all that much chocolate, in recent years I’ve tried to make something for my family in addition to or instead of chocolate. Here are some of this year’s creations!

I’ve made my mum quite a few cushions, but I realised that I hadn’t given my sister one. Last year I enjoyed a really fun weekend trip away to Oxfordshire with the Quilt Group ladies and we did some classes atVillage Fabrics,其中一个是折叠的拼凑而成。我沿着一些美丽的蓝色和白色蜡染,我长期以来一直待了 - 我在我的第一次去了绗缝节上买了他们!他们也是我知道我妹妹真的喜欢的颜色。他们对折叠的图案进行了很好的工作,我很有乐趣 - 切割基石的圆形印花。该块在18 1/2完成“,完美地完成了良好的垫子。要添加一点细节,我发现了我的Sashiko用品,并迅速发现为什么Sashiko在蜡染上的蜡染被广泛推荐!但我崇拜酥皮白色针的外观对抗蓝调和黑人,所以我坚持不懈。


对于妈妈来说,我决定一个新的桌上礼帽是一件好事;当我第一次拿起绗缝时,我让她成为一个圣诞节的圣诞节,但它有点具体。一个春天/复活节肯定是截止的!为此,我使用了五个不同的Moda Ombre Fumetti从半场捆绑的印刷品,我在我的藏匿处 - 一个白色/奶油用于背景,金色,紫色,粉红色和绿色。当我们的厨房桌子是圆的时,我决定制作另一个六角形顶点 - 加上我喜欢缝制缝纫等边三角形!我开始切割和拼接而不完全肯定会如何将一切顺利,最终切割了一些更多的条带来获得一个体面的三角形,然后在设计墙上分开了一切,然后移动到位,直到图案落入地点。它在一个下午拉链。

I decided to really go to town with the quilting on this piece, with an assortment of dense fillers and floral/leaf motifs. Although it’s not a big piece, it still took a good amount of time to get it quilted – it still takes me by surprise how mentally and physically intense this kind of quilting can be! And of course I had to try and do it as secretly as I could – not easy when you’re in lockdown with the person you want to gift something to! Still, I’m really pleased with how it all came out, especially the big flowers. And it looked great on out Easter Lunch table!

最后一份礼物,我实际上有照片是我为我的侄女做的一个包。她需要一个袋子来游泳,她喜欢美人鱼和贝壳,所以我用这些图案让她成为一个可爱的小手提包。互联网提供了一个漂亮的扇贝壳,但我找不到我画的姿势中的美人鱼,所以我不得不画出自己的 - 而人形是我最喜欢的东西!我很常见地用它在一起的全部聚集在一起 - 足以让我可能要玩美人鱼设计了。


我特别骄傲的磁尾日益加快ning, the addition of some extra stabiliser really helps to keep the fin shape looking perky! Assembling all the disparate bits into a bag in the right order took a little bit of pondering and puzzling, but I picked my way carefully through it. To make it actually useful as a swim bag, it’s lined with some waterproof fabric left over from when I made a change mat for Nia before she was born! I am not sure when the local pools are likely to be open again, but I’m sure she’ll think of other things to carry in it until then.

I also made a quilted panel wall hanging for my little nephew Aled (who is too young for chocolate anyway, even without his dairy intolerance issues) and a cork fabric wash bag for my brother-in-law – and I failed to take photographs of either of them while they were still in my possession! I can certainly say that, for me, boredom over the last few weeks has NOT been an issue!