这是一个非常不寻常的复活节,我think. A time when many people, regardless of belief, like to get together with family but this year couldn’t. We’ve barely left the house since the lockdown started, with much of our shopping being done by my brother-in-law and a very kind neighbour who works in Morrisons. As such, there was not a vast quantity of chocolate eggs floating around the house this year, but since commercial Easter eggs are typically a lot of packaging and not all that much chocolate, in recent years I’ve tried to make something for my family in addition to or instead of chocolate. Here are some of this year’s creations!

我已经让我的妈妈很少有垫子,但我意识到我没有给我的妹妹。去年我享受了一个真正有趣的周末旅行到牛津郡与被子群体女士们,我们做了一些课程村庄面料那one of which was folded patchwork. I took along some beautiful blue and white batiks that I’d had for a long time – I bought them on my first ever trip to the Festival of Quilts! They’re also colours I know my sister really likes as well. They worked really well for the folded pattern and I had great fun fussy-cutting the circle prints for the cornerstones. The block finished at 18 1/2″, perfect for a good-sized cushion. To add a bit of detail, I found my sashiko supplies and quickly discovered why sashiko on batik isn’t widely recommended! But I adored the look of the crisp white stitches against the blues and blacks, so I persevered.


For mum, I decided that a new table topper would be a nice thing to make; I made her a Christmas one when I first took up quilting, but it’s a bit season-specific. A Spring/Easter one was definitely due! For this, I used five different Moda Ombre Confetti prints from a half-yard bundle I had in my stash – one white/cream for the background, a gold, a purple, a pink and a green. As our kitchen table is round, I decided to make another hexagonal topper – plus I do love sewing equilateral triangles! I started cutting and piecing without being quite sure how it would all go together, ended up cutting some more strips to get a decent number of triangles, then splotted everything on my design wall and moved bits around until a pattern fell into place. It zipped together in an afternoon.

我决定真的带着绗缝绗缝,各种各样的致密填料和花卉/叶子图案。虽然这不是一个大块,但它仍然花了很多时间来获得它绗缝 - 它仍然需要我惊讶的是,这种绗缝可以是多么精神上和身体上的愤怒!当然,我必须尝试并尽可能地秘密地做到这一点 - 当你在锁定与你想要礼物的人锁定时不容易!尽管如此,我真的很满意苹果手机怎么下载万博体育全部出来,特别是大花。它看起来很棒的复活节午餐桌!

The last gift I actually have photos of is a bag that I made for my niece, Nia. She needs a bag to take swimming and she loves mermaids and seashells, so I used these motif to make her a cute little tote bag. The internet provided a nice scallop shell, but I couldn’t find a mermaid in the pose I pictured, so I had to draw my own – and humanoids are not my favourite things to draw! I am rather chuffed with how it all came together in the end – enough that I may have to play with the mermaid design a bit more!



我还制作了一个绗缝的面板墙壁挂在我的小侄子和巧克力太年轻,即使没有他的乳制品不宽容问题,即使没有他的乳制品不容忍的问题)和我的姐夫的软木织物洗手袋 - 我未能拍照他们中的任何一个,而他们仍然在我掌握!我肯定可以说,对我来说,过去几周的无聊并不是一个问题!


  1. Whoa! That Mermaid bag is absolutely fabulous!!! She will love it. Thanks for Linky with my blog today!!

  2. 游泳袋绝对是惊人的!!你真的很聪明,找到一种方法来让尾巴翻盖和捕捉。扇贝壳上的金缎缝合真的让它脱颖而出。我相信Nia会兴奋到拥有这个包。我很激动,只是看着它。

  3. Pretty darned incredible mermaid, if you ask me! The table topper and pillow are awesome, too!


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